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Forest Health Medical Center

Anna L., RN Staff Nurse

Anna has worked with the Forest Health Medical Center of Bucks County team since 2002.  She appreciates that the high ratio of nurses to patients is the safest she has seen and has proven to be critical in creating successful outcomes.


Anna became a nurse to improve the quality of life for people in need.  Educating people and advocating a healthy lifestyle to prevent illness is her primary focus.  Anna brings unique attributes to her position.  She is a calm, pleasant, personable, and caring woman who has a big smile!  Her patients often express how happy she is and how this makes them feel better.  Additionally, she is able to make sound decisions when the need arises.  Anna is honest, dependable, and professional at all times.  She is definitely an asset to this facility!


Outside of work, Anna enjoys exercising, reading, and shopping – not necessarily in that order.  She has a grown son and daughter.